What to do with all that Extra Christmas Candy- Elf It!


Along with most other mamas out there, I have a love/hate relationship with sugar. I love to eat it. I hate how it makes me feel after I eat too much. I love to treat my kids with it. I hate how it becomes a question I get asked almost every five minutes when it’s in the house. “Mom, can I have some ____?” I love having it for special occasions. I hate that there seems to be an endless supply from 10/31 to 2/14. Well not anymore! I have figured out how to win the sugar battle!

One of our favorite movies here in the Green household is Elf. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie! We watch it multiple times a Christmas season and even a couple of random times during the summer. If you’ve seen this movie too, you’re familiar with this scene:

Yep, it’s a classic. And also so brilliant! Last night as I was cooking a nutritious dinner of Totinos’ pizzas and Totinos’ pizza rolls- yeah I know- mother of the year already- I was so sick of all the extra sugary crap laying around. It has been a week after Christmas and I think we’ve all had our fill. As my good fortune would have it, we had spaghetti the night before. And that’s when the light bulb went on.

We shall Elf it! So I crushed up all the extra cookies and candies we had laying around calling out to me “eat just one more” and then I showed them who was boss.

And the best part is unless you’re child is a real elf they won’t eat much because let’s face it. It’s pretty gross. You’re welcome.

Mom: 1

Sugar: 0

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