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I’m so excited to bring you this blog!  I had the pleasure of photographing a dear friend’s birth and I’ve been SO excited to share with you!  I’ve wanted to be a part of birth photography for years and I hope to photograph many more.  There is just nothing like it-nothing.  Brand new life is amazing and to be the one to tell a birth story through pictures is a unique privilege that I was blessed to be a part of!

Mom and I had come up with a plan to swap a birth session for a storytelling session with my family- (no there will be no more birth sessions for her to photograph for me).  Life got a little crazy and we hadn’t chatted about it for awhile.  So on that Monday when I saw via Facebook that it was “baby time!”  I called her up and said- I’m on my way.  There was a little indecisiveness in-between that my husband lovingly reminded me, “Um, she’s having a baby, maybe you don’t leave the decisions up to her:)  HA!  He sounds like a man who has done this a few times?!?  Now the real challenge… to get from Brighton to Littleton while mom is in active labor with baby number 5!  Challenge accepted!  And now I’ve missed the tollway.  Challenge still accepted!  (Enter silent prayer here.)

I do make it and with even a few minutes to spare.  I was able to photograph a little of the downtime before the baby having magic happens.

I left the room to give them some space together and within minutes mom has gone from 4 to 10!  I came back to find a room full of some of the best hospital staff I’ve ever met- ever and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on the TV.  Seriously, could a baby have any better start to life?

Welcome baby girl, you have an amazing family.  They’ve been waiting and praying for you.

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