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My kids have gone back to school (sob!).  Our summer days have ended around here during the days, but we will still be summering it up after school, ya know ’til homework starts.  I realize most of the country hasn’t started yet and thought it would be fun to share a few of my thoughts on how I document life with my boys.  Documenting your kids going back to school is so much more than grabbing a quick snapshot.  If you put a little thought into what story you’re telling through the picture, it can make a HUGE difference.   And shoot more!  The before, the during, and the after to tell a more complete story.  Here was a glimpse of my boys going back to school and my youngest going to Kindergarten (bigger sob!!).   It starts with a shower, yep, it does.

Tell the beginning of the story.

[a lifestyle photographer]Maybe a picture of them still sleeping, the clothes laid out.  Here is my second doing his hair “like Ryan”.  Such a great memory I’ll have that he still wants to be just like his big brother.

Photograph their new routine.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Here is my 3rd grader (WHAT!?! I have a 3rd grader?!?) showing his brother “the ropes”.  Picking out a snack, filling water bottles are all part of our back 2 school story.  What pictures can you take that will make your story stronger?

Yes, take the obligatory cheesy first day of school picture- I do:)

[a lifestyle photographer]

While I do take these cheesy pictures in the same spot every year- I do so because I’ll have a collection of them on the first day of school to compare from the first day of Kinder until the last day of school.   Tuck the photo away somewhere safe and then take one on the last day of school.  I put them together every year and we can’t believe how much change there is in a school year!

Take candids of your kids together.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Engage your children in conversation.  What are they most excited for?  Are they nervous about anything?  Get them talking and you’ll get genuine moments of who they are right now.  Capturing my kids’ personalities in one still moment is a gift I can’t wait to share with them now and when they’re older.

Take action shots of the hustle and bustle.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Maybe one of my favorite back 2 school pictures to take is my kids walking away from the camera.  There is something about their oversized backpacks and I can imagine how future pictures will show how backpacks will look smaller and smaller each year, as my boys look bigger and older.  Besides that, how cool is an R2-D2 backpack?!  (Super cool is always the answer.)

Hallway and classroom shots, grab ’em.

[a lifestyle photographer]

[a lifestyle photographer]

I have pictures every year of my hubby walking down the hallway with our boys.  To me, there is nothing that I love documenting more than the sweet moments of my husband loving on his boys.  And between pictures, I’m speeding up to hold their hands too.  ♥

Take shots of your child doing the student thing.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Here’s my little man- proud as can be on his first day of school.  Can you tell how much he loves being a “big kid” in school?  Photograph your student meeting their teacher, peeking into the classroom, finding their desk.

Finish the story.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Your story doesn’t end when you send them off to school.  Your back 2 school story ends when they return home.  Their happy, sweet faces.  School stuff everywhere.  I even grabbed an audio in one of my favorite apps, Evernote, of my littlest telling me all about his first day of Kindergarten.  So precious.  Don’t know what Evernote is?   Check back when I write another From One Mom to Another post.

Put the camera down.

[a lifestyle photographer]

Here’s the tough one, Mamas.  Put the camera down and get into that picture.  Documenting your stories are important, but equally important is you in them.  Your story isn’t complete unless you’re in there too.  This is the hardest part for me.  I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and my husband doesn’t take pictures like I do.  I am learning to care less about the composition or even if it’s an iPhone selfie and just  This is a picture of me hugging my baby on his first day of school while I stuff back the tears and to me, it’s perfection.

Good luck with your children going back to school.  If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here.  Now, go tell your story.



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  • Andrea - 12:29 am

    These pictures are pure beauty. So well seen. I especially love the black and white of the boys on the step and the ones of them walking in with their dad. What a gift!ReplyCancel

    • Kaela - 1:22 am

      Hi Andrea,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I saw that you’ll be offering lifestyle photography to your clients soon. I hope you adore it as much as I do:) It’s so dear to my ❤️.ReplyCancel

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