Introducing: Us Before You Sessions

You first need to know that I LOVE my kids.  I do.  They are most certainly one of the best things that I’ve been blessed with.  While being a mom is one of the hats I’m grateful to wear, it doesn’t define me.  I can’t let it define me.  If you think about a full life- a long life, and spread it out on a timeline- the parenting part is pretty small.  I mean, I know we’ll continue to be a part of each other’s lives, but they’ll have their own and separate timeline.  I’m a wife.  My husband and I share a timeline.  We are a part of each other’s story and it’s OUR story.  I see so many parents forget their first role as spouse, soulmate, lover…because once kids come along, you’re on the crazy train!  It’s the good kind of crazy most days, but life is crazy.  My husband comes first, and my kids kinda hate when they ask me who my favorite is and I tell the “daddy.”  They know that I think they are beautiful, amazing, delicious boys, but they aren’t what my life circles around.  When they leave the nest and it’s me and him again (oh glory! JK) I want to know that we’ll still know each other after the kids are gone.  He’s my guy, my best friend.  I don’t have many pictures of us before the kids, because let’s face it I’m kinda old.  Our first days were spent when it was film you had to buy and then pay for the prints.  We were broke teachers!  I mean we do have pictures, but we don’t have anything like what I’m about to show you.  And oh how I wish we did!  Even in our small 1.5 bedroom apartment with all the awful decorating attempts I made.  Your story doesn’t start when kids enter.   There are chapters to tell before that amazing day.  This is the story you’ll tell them someday.  It begins with “Us before you…”

Introducing “Us Before You” by Kaela Green Photography.

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  • Erica Swantek - 4:09 pm

    I absolutely love the idea of an us before you session! So important for a marriage, especially once kiddos enter the picture. ReplyCancel

  • Kari - 5:25 pm

    These are so beautiful! Love your tones and lighting…ReplyCancel

  • SUSANNAH - 5:50 am


  • Jennie Crate - 12:29 pm

    What a very cool way to share these stories! These are so intimate and cozy!ReplyCancel

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