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I am a wife.  I am a mother.  And I am a photographer.  There are so many hats that I wear that change on any given day, but last Wednesday I got to be AJ’s mommy and a photographer. My son’s preschool was studying community helpers and I was asked to talk about what I do.  How cool is that?  We talked a little about how we all carry around our own cameras, our eyes!  Then we used our “cameras” to draw a picture of something that is important to us right now.  My son drew a twisty-turny tornado and a monster truck:)


So how does a lifestyle photographer help a community?  I take pictures that tell stories…

I told them how important pictures are and how they don’t just show us what we looked like when we were in preschool, but lifestyle photography shows us a little bit about who we were.  For example this picture:


My son has recently gotten into playing legos.  He loves creating different trucks or anything that goes “vroom”!

This would not win a competition by any standard, but the value it has for me is priceless.  I know someday I’ll forget about the Toy Story light up shoes that were one of the first pair he could put on himself.  I know I’ll forget that he LOVES that shirt even though it’s 2 sizes too big!  And I will probably even forget that he always sits on his knees, but with precious pictures that lifestyle photography  provides I will remember.   And when I do, I’ll smile…

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