about me

  • DSC_8596-1I am married to my best friend and favorite person in the world, and we have three children-all boys!!!
  • I also have a boxer/shepherd mix that is my only girl:)
  • I’m a goofball and I love to make people laugh with stories that are usually pretty embarrassing for me.
  • The house is almost always loud and when you call you will probably hear at least one of them in the background because I (try to) always be a mother before a photographer.
  • I live in Brighton, Colorado and love to take day trips up to the mountains with my guys.
  •  I do have a growing obsession with coffee and my favorite drink is a breve latte.  And even though I’ve been a coffee fan for almost six years, I’m still not sure if I order it the right way… 😛
  • I am a much better driver than my van says I am.  Let me buy you a coffee and I’ll convince you that I’m right.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disney and try to get back there as often as I can! ºoº World or Land- I’ll take either!
  • Star Wars.  I don’t what to say about SW.  I love it.  The end.

People love to ask how I got into photography.  So….

when I became a mom, I wanted the “perfect picture”.  Everyone looking at the camera, smiling (fake or real-I’d take either), wearing matching sweaters.  Then I was blessed with boys.  Boys that don’t pose or look at the camera or stand still, or even wear sweaters- or clothes. 😛  So I got to thinking…maybe pictures don’t need to be “perfect” to be perfect.  I found myself wanting to create meaningful images that captured my boys at that point in their new lives…moments I’d always want remember.  I call these “right now” moments.  Because I know life is going to look much differently in a year than today.  I wanted pictures that would go beyond what my boys looked like.  Pictures that tell a story, my story, your story.  It was some years latter when I heard the term “lifestyle photography”.  Photography that is genuine and natural, full of emotion and will bring you back to the days when you lived them-that’s what I wanted to capture.  It started with my boys and continues with my clients.  I love what I do and I am blessed.

Call or email with any questions regarding your future session. I look forward to serving your family through photography.

Photo credits:

Eldeen Annette

Echo by Amber

Kathy Ray

Fall Child Photography

Disney Photopass

Kaela Green Photography

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