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Hello!  Happy Monday!

A while ago I “met” a new photographer friend on the good ol’ web.  Jamie Overton is an awesome photographer who has inspired me to start blogging about me…on Mondays:)  I love this idea!  When you look around my website, I want you to have a good sense of who you’re hiring.  You need to feel comfortable with me as your photographer and more than that, we’ll leave friends.  This way you can get a feel of who I am before we’ve even met.  Kinda cool-huh?!?

I thought this first Me on Mondays blog should be about a HUGE part of my life right now.  That would be fitness.

I ran across something on Pinterest…I Pinterest two different ways:  When I’m just killing time, I look around and repin.  Other times, I click on the link before I repin it to see what it’s all about.  This time it was the latter.  I was Pinteresting and found this something or other about getting rid of the baby pooch-yikes!  It lead me to this 90 Day Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.  Ok, let me stop there.  I just want to say that it is not my intention to wear a bikini (although that would be cool:), my intentions are focusing less on what size, weight, etc, I think I should be, BUT getting healthy and taking care of the body that God has graciously given me.  Ok GO.  So I’m thinking to myself :  Can I do this?  Will I follow through for 90 DAYS?  I’m going to need accountability.  Yuck!  Working out SIX days a week!!  I came up with:  Yes, gonna try, seek out friends, and yuck SIX days a week:)

Today I finished Day 43!  In short,





I’m still doing the challenges, working out SIX days a week-which has actually been way easier than I thought.  As it turns out- when I was working out 3-4 days a week, it would turn into 2 times/week many weeks because I would so easily talk myself out of a workout with the “I’ll do it tomorrow” line.  This six days a week business prevents me from talking myself out of it and I’ve learned to power through.  I have dear friends that are encouraging me along on this journey, not to mention the support of my family and husband-which I’m sure without it I would’ve stopped at Day 2 (the hardest day I thought).  I’ve even helped others start their own journey to a healthier them and that’s pretty cool too.

Right now, that’s me on Mondays:)

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