5 Tips for Documenting Christmas Morning

Christmas day is my favorite morning every year- even more than my birthday:D There is something magical about it and I try to document that magic each year. I wanted to share my 5 tips that I do to document Christmas morning and hopefully you’ll create something that you can enjoy for years to come too:)

  1. Capture the details.

This is key to documenting any day or event as it helps create the scene and help tell the story. Get in tight and capture just parts of whatever you’re taking a picture of- it really makes you feel like you’re back in the moment. And far away friends & family feel like they were a part of the special day too.

2. Take cheesy pictures by the tree.

…Or wherever. Just take them! Our cheesy picture spot has changed throughout the years, but the point is to take them. You’ll love to see how big your kids have gotten over the years.

3. Get in the pictures too!

This is the one I struggle with the most. I can get so distracted documenting our morning, that I forget to hand the camera off to someone else. And truth be told it’s probably a control thing too. And also, I’m with the moms out there that hate to have their picture taken. But it’s super important. Our kids want us in the pictures too. We’re kind of a big deal in the family and we’re worthy of being in the story. So whatever you need to do: use a timer, take a selfie, hand off the camera- even put it in the auto mode for the user- yikes how scary!! Um, no, auto mode is fine- just get in the picture. You might get as lucky as me when you’re child captures you looking like you’re 60…

4. Take small video clips.

Video has been around forever, but combining video with photos is a fairly recent trend. I especially love it because of tip #5.

5. DO something with your memories!

This is a big soapbox topic for me. Everything is so digital now. Phones and computers are great for sharing pictures, but don’t keep them there. Please, please, please don’t. There are so many companies now that can take pictures off your phone, off Facebook, Insta, all of them and make beautiful books and prints. I know when I’m old and wrinkly, I’ll want my grandchildren snuggled with me on the couch looking at pictures, not huddled around a computer screen. Doesn’t that seem so much more personal and intimate? Stepping off the box now. One of my favorite ways to document Christmas morning in addition to printing my pictures is to use a company called Animoto to make a Christmas movie. They have a personal license that is super reasonable and a collection of cute holiday themes and songs:) I have 7 years of movies and we watch them whenever we need a little Christmas or nostalgia. Here’s one of my favorites:

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