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When I think of the people I worked with last year, I don’t want to think of them as clients, or pictures that I’ve taken.  I like to think of the people or moments behind the pictures.  I had the biggest year yet here in my small business’ life and I’m really looking forward to new experiences, adventures, and friends this year!  Here are some of my highlights of 2016…

  • KGP celebrated it’s SEVENTH birthday!  That means, I’ve lost a few teeth, learned to read, and have gotten really comfortable bossing other people around.  Wait, that was my youngest son’s description from when he turned seven:) Seven years in the photography business is quite a success and rarely seen since the introduction of the DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and iPhone cameras taking over the world faster than a zombie apocalypse.  And it is something I’m really proud of:)
  • I shot my 50th wedding!
  • I photographed cancer survivors
  • I saw little brothers turn into big brothers
  • I took pictures of a cutie feeding chickens (bucket list checked!)
  • I cheered for aspiring models chasing their dreams
  • I helped new small businesses reach their ideal clientele
  • I captured beautiful kids with big holes in their smiles;)
  • I froze moments for high school seniors who will be spreading their wings in a few months
  • I documented multiple generations celebrating birthdays
  • I photographed more giggles than I can say, kisses than I can count, and memories than I can measure

I feel so blessed with all the new friends I’ve made this year.  Thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful lives in 2016.

Happy New Year!


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