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WPPI yet again was an amazing experience.  Last year was the first year I attended and as soon as I went to my first class, I wanted to rush home and implement everything I had just learned-so many things I wanted/needed to change.  This year was the same… and completely different at the same time.  I went to all new speakers, including:

Mike Larson – a surfer and rockstar photographer reminding me to listen to my clients, be real, and be there for my family!  Thank you, Mike, for that reminder!

Sarah Petty – wow-did she rock my small business world!  I can’t wait to apply everything I learned in her class and,  yes, my hand hurt after all the note taking:)

Jesh de Rox – said, “If you want to make work that moves people, you have to be moved while making it…”  A sweet reminder that lifestyle photography does move me and I LOVE what I do!

Suzette Allen – showed me some really cool tricks in CS5-“Thank you!” from future Kaela and the time you saved her:)

JP Elario – was so fun!  He’s down-to-earth and knows pretty much everything about viral marketing.

Louis Pang – one word: sick.  I don’t know if I can pull that word off, but his style is amazing!  And it was fun to get inside his mind and see how he executes what he envisions!

Me Ra Koh – was my last class and my favorite!’

Me Ra is amazing!  I almost didn’t go to her class, but I’m so happy I did!  I know that sounds cliche, but sometimes cliches are truth:)  There were several times during her talk that I wanted to jump and shout-“That’s me!”  I’m glad I didn’t, and I’m sure she would be too, but I connected so strongly with what she was saying that it was really hard not to:)

Me Ra shoots collections of stories instead of pictures.  That is so lifestyle photography- telling your family’s story through photographs.  She gave us insight on how she tells her clients’ stories.   She shared an imperfect picture with us- a picture that wouldn’t win an award and it’s possible it could even receive criticism, but she shared it with us.  And the story she shared with the picture made me cry.  A mom like any other mom that believes she’s not a good mom, that she’s too busy, but through the gift of lifestyle photography she proved to this mom that she is a good mom and she’s the world to her daughter.  A genuine moment happened between mother and daughter.  They were playing tickle-monster of some sort, and Me Ra had to decide what’s more important: technical excellence or capturing the emotion?  For awhile I chose technical excellence.  If it wasn’t perfectly sharp or exposed, I’d dump the picture.  Then I started thinking like a mom, “If this was my moment with my child, would I want this picture?”  That’s when my business motto changed, or more specifically my heart-you can read about it here.

This is the picture that I carried around on my bag to each class and through the trade show.



I have to admit that I was a bit embarrassed, but only at first.  Among all these rockstar photogs, they have to be thinking-that’s the best she’s got?  That’s the picture she puts on the bag??  But if they knew the story behind the picture they’d understand.  And then I didn’t care, lifestyle photography isn’t perfect, it’s life through pictures, and sometimes life is a little messy-especially if you have three boys like I do;)

She gave me freedom.  Freedom from perfection, freedom from knowing exactly what I plan to shoot-not even having a plan!  Freedom to be creative and freedom to shoot like a woman! 🙂

Thank you, Me Ra, for sharing your story, heart, and passion with me through your platform class!

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  • Amber - 4:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Kaela! You are SO right about the technical vs. emotional factor in capturing images…love that about you and your beautiful work!! I had such a great time at WPPI, too- learned a TON and had a blast! VERY inspiring to say the least!!ReplyCancel

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