Welcome to Your Gallery!!

I first need to get all the fine print and official stuff out of the way…

You will have 10 days to select your favorites and order products from your gallery.  After 10 days your gallery will be taken down and there is a $25 charge to reopen a gallery.  Also, the downloadable gallery will be up for 10 days.  You need to download your pictures within those 10 days.  I will keep your files for one year and you will be able to reorder during that year.  When a year expires from your session date images will be deleted.  Please download your images quickly and make back up copies.  I am not responsible for your computer or external hard drives.

Please remember that while your gallery has your images from our session, they still remain under the copyright of Kaela Green Photography.  All digital images and all other printed products are for personal use only.  If you would like to share your pictures online (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr) please give a photo credit and a link back to  Anything beyond personal use needs to be submitted to me in writing.

You will have limited printing rights to your images.  I suggest you print from high quality labs such as or  Make sure that you turn off any of the auto correct auto color options.  I strongly suggest you stay away from Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.  I have kept my print prices low to encourage you to order prints from me.  I use only top quality labs and you are supporting me and my family as well:)

I am so excited to share Pixieset with you-your personal website that allows you to view, share, order, and download your images!  You can do all of this easily from Pixieset.  You will soon be sent your personal online gallery.  But first I wanted to share a few tips on how to navigate your proof gallery.

The Proof Gallery

blog pixietset-1

Hover over pictures to choose a favorite:

blog pixietset-2



blog pixietset-3

blog pixietset-4

blog pixietset-5

Once you have chosen your images, send me an email letting me know.

The Shopping Cart

blog pixietset-6

blog pixietset-7


You will pay for your products and prints online.  They will be available for pickup approximately 5-10 business days after the order is paid.

Once you’ve selected your favorites, you will get an email in 1-2 weeks with a 4 digit pass key.   This is how you will download your images.

The Downloadable Gallery

blog pixietset-8

blog pixietset-9

blog pixietset-10

blog pixietset-11


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