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I first heard about the Beloved Movement at WPPI 2010.  It was started by a photographer named Jesh De Rox.  Although I missed his class (insert sob), I heard about it from everyone, and I mean everyone.  Literally, everywhere I went after his class people were talking about this new movement simply called, Beloved.  There was such a buzz about this Beloved Movement that I had to hear the whole story.  I found an online link that allowed me to listen to his class and I was again so bummed I didn’t see his class in person.  But even listening to it online gave me chills.

What a concept-what a perfect fit to the type of photography I aspire to capture.

Beloved is defined by the official Beloved website as:  A beloved portrait session is not just a photo shoot, it’s a celebration of love and genuine communications.  These images serve as a doorway to bring two people back to the beginning of their journey together.  We invite couples to share a piece of themselves and capture valuable moments through the art of photography.

As a lifestyle photographer, I try to educate people about this unique genre of photography.  It’s not a picture or a snapshot.  It’s not about what to wear or where it should take place.  Of course, when you’re spending a chunk of change on photography- because let’s face it, professional photography is an investment- you want to have a nice location and have cute, colorful outfits for the kids.  But it’s so much more than the color of the leaves and whether or not you have a good hair day!  Lifestyle photography is about documenting life.  Not only what you looked like, but how you loved.  That smile your two year old makes when you tickle him.  The way your daughter looks at you when you’re not looking.  The way your beloved looks at you when remembering the day he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving only you.  That is what lifestyle sessions capture.  It’s not a location that makes a photograph beautiful, it’s the family, the love, the connection.

Beloved Sessions are genuine moments between a husband and a wife-not twisted poses that make you feel unnatural.  They are a celebration of new love and of old love.

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