Take Pictures, Write Stuff Down, and Make an Album

I love getting lost in old photographs. That’s probably a huge shocker, but it’s true. I can open any one of our albums and the next thing an hour (or two) has gone by.

I recently came across these gems and my heart skipped a beat.

How was he so little then and so big now? How has this been eight years ago? Mama- take pictures, write stuff down, and make an album. Anything nondigital will do- Artifact Uprising, Chatbooks, and Project Life are some of my favorite ways to document my kids’ childhood.

I sat down to interview my second son here. I recorded the date, asked him to say his age, and then spell his name on my paper. Using the Evernote app, I get to go back in time and hear his sweet six year old voice- so much different than the teen he his today.

I want to encourage you to interview your children too- just look it up on Pinterest- there are tons of interviews to choose from. But the more that I look at these four pictures, the more I just can’t move past the toy car in his little hand. Funny little fact about this guy is that ever since he learned how to walk, he would carry one hand. And here he is at six and sure enough there is a car still in his hand.

These are the memories we think “I’ll never forget that” but the more memories we make- the more the older ones tend to fall out. Everyday moments like this – that seem just ordinary in our present day-to-day life –  are the most precious treasures we find years later. And let’s face it- our minds don’t get better as we get older. I mean, coffee can only do so much!

Let me just leave you with this…when I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to remember at age six he told me: “That I get to play lots of sports and that I’m a sweet boy.” Mama- I didn’t remember that. I heard it like I was hearing it for the first time and I broke down in tears. Don’t do the mom guilt thing and think, “It’s too late, my kids are too old.” Nope. It’s not. Every season is worth documenting. Now go take pictures, write stuff down, and make an album!

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