Storytelling Sessions :: The Story of Us, Part 2

Storytelling sessions are here and I couldn’t be more excited!!  You’ll be hearing me talk more and more about this new addition to Kaela Green Photography, but first, if you haven’t read this post you’re gonna want to.  It introduces the idea and gives a little background to why I’m offering storytelling photography.

I want to REintroduce you to the S family.  They have been subjects to my crazy ideas since I first “opened my doors” in 2009 so it just seemed appropriate that they should be who I highlight with my first storytelling session.

Storytelling sessions really are as simple as they sound: a session that tells part of your story.  You can choose from a number of different themes including Good Morning sessions, A Typical Saturday sessions, Brand Spankin’ New sessions (in-hospital with baby), Welcome Home Baby sessions, Bedtime sessions, and anything in between.  You could be thinking, “But why would I pay money for something like taking pictures at bedtime?”  Well, I’d love to answer that for you:)  And the explanation begins with a confession- one that is hard for me to actually admit and further, put into words.  Here it goes… I sometimes feel insignificant in the roll of “mother”.  It’s true.  I’m a pastor’s wife and I see my hubby doing all these wonderful things for the world and to God be all the glory-while I stay home with my boys.  And while I know that there is no greater job than being a parent- I. Know. It.  I sometimes feel insignificant in the roll of “mother”.

This picture that I’m going to show you stirs so much emotion in me and you might think, “why”, but that’s ok.  Lifestyle storytelling photography isn’t for you it’s for me, the mom who receives it.


Picture courtesy of Fall Child Photography.

It’s a gift that shows me the significance in being a mom.  It’s a gift of showing me there’s nothing more I’d rather do than be the one to stay home with my boys.  It’s for the mom who needs to see that her sacrifice of a career or designer bags is more than worthy.  It’s for the dad who needs to see, in pictures, how much his son adores him.  It’s for the son who turns 18 and remembers the safety and comfort in reading the same book each night before being tucked in and kissed goodnight.  It’s for the daughter who turns 18 and remembers how daddy would brush and braid her hair.  It’s for the person who knows that time speeds up as our children get older and bedtime routines will change as our children get older.  It’s for you.


Your story is important and real life is beautiful.  Investing in storytelling photography isn’t just an investment for today, but one for tomorrow.  I am a storyteller.  I’d love to tell yours.

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