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So I’ve been hinting around about a new session I’ll be offering and I’m so pleased to tell you it’s ready for bookings!  I’ll be introducing this new style in parts.  Here’s Part 1.  Lifestyle photography has always been (and still is) my heart, and recently I’ve found that lifestyle photography is defined differently by photographers and consumers alike. Lifestyle photography to me is real life, real moments in a setting that is significant for that family.  It could be a favorite park, or the zoo, or the mountains, and even downtown.  But where life happens the most is in our homes.  I’ve always loved in-home photography sessions, but it seems that people still think that pretty backgrounds make pretty pictures.  I’m trying to change that thinking-  real families make beautiful photographs, not backgrounds, or outfits, or parks.  Authenticity is beautiful and real life is worthy of investing in and remembering.

I’ve done a ton of thinking and praying about the direction of Kaela Green Photography.  It’s sometimes (okay, often, just ask my hubby) a challenge for me to put into words what’s going on in my mind.  So when I see or hear something that pinpoints what I’ve been chewing on- I think, “YES!  That’s what I’ve been trying to say.”  Enter storytelling photography.

I’ve recently come up with a vision for Kaela Green Photography: Strengthening families, making a business about something that is bigger than me.  This is my “why” of doing business*.  I love what I do, but I have found that for me, this has to be more than taking pretty pictures.  My business is different because I want it to be more than pictures- I want the entire experience to be about the family and its love and connection.  I realize that life is busy.  And it seems that the older my kids get the faster and busier life gets.  So when I think about families spending a couple hours with me to “take pictures”, there is a very real possibility that this is the only time in quite awhile that they’ve spent totally together- no phones, computers, tablets, boyfriends, girlfriends, extracurricular commitments, “SQUIRREL!” distractions, just them together being “us”. And that to me is the gift that I get to give to my families that hire me to “take pictures”.

Stay tuned, part 2 coming soon!






* Thank you, Zach & Jody Gray for all the inspiration you’ve given me to be about something that’s bigger than me AND for pushing me to be a better business owner. Thank you!!

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