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So here’s a little backstory for you.  A little mood music to set the scene.  The reveal was AWESOME.  It was just awesome.  If you’d like to watch it yourself it’s down at the bottom of this post and it’s worth the ten minutes, but first…

After 3+ years of saving, shhing, and planning the day had finally arrived. Hubby and I would talk (in complete secret of course) about how our boys would react to their Christmas gift this year. Because, you see, this Christmas would be different than any year, past or future. We wondered if there would be tears at the lack of presents. They know what Christmas is all about, but they’re still kids and LOVE to see presents under the tree. Heck, so do I!!

It was my sister-in-love’s idea, “Wait for it…Christmas morning-Disney World.” Hubby wondered if we could save the money in time and I wondered how I was to keep the biggest secret of our lives. I knew we’d need a code word so I wouldn’t blow it.  A world to replace “Disney” in any conversation. A word that would make zero sense if the kids heard us talking about it.  Hubby came up with the word “cherry”… perfect.

During the planning, saving, and more planning, and more saving part there was a struggle happening within me.  The big camera vs my iPhone camera debate.  As a photographer I totally wanted to bring my big camera, but as a mom (and tourist) I just wanted my iPhone.  There were also days when I looked into repurchasing the point & shoot I sold awhile back.  Ultimately I decided to bring only my iPhone.  I wanted to enjoy time with my family.  And while documenting the trip was very important to me, making the perfect image was not.  Sometimes I just want to take pictures, still creatively, but not letting it ruin the genuine moment.  It was a good decision, it was the right decision.

Here are some tips when using your iPhone or smartphone as your camera on vaca.

Tip #1:  Download the Dropbox app.  If you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to learn.  This was essential for me as I didn’t want to worry about deleting any pictures to have enough space to document our entire vacation.  Dropbox also recently came out with new app called Carousel which is great way to organize your pictures and back them up.  The best part is you can have it backing up your pictures and videos during the day you won’t have to worry about it when you’re tired at night.  And I mean Disney tired.

Photo Mar 13, 10 41 02 AM

Tip #2:  Grab some great iPhoneography apps.  Some of my favorite are:  VSCOcam, Snapped, Mextures, PicTapGo, Camera+, and Instagram.

Photo Mar 13, 10 42 19 AM

Tip #2.5  Don’t get too obsessed with editing pictures while you’re on vacation.  There’s time for that later.  Enjoy your time with your family first!

Tip #3  Grab a wrist strap!  If you plan on taking fun videos on rides don’t attempt it without a wrist strap.  I picked up the one from Photojojo– one of my favorite places for everything fun and iPhone.  They come in handy for everyday too as I’ve heard that it hurts when you drop your iPhone on your face when reading on it laying down.  I’ve only heard about it though.

Tip #4  Look into iPhone lenses.  They can be quite fun and offer a wide angle, telephoto, or fish eye option.  Olloclip is one of my favorites.  They have a new selfies lens which would’ve come in really handy for our family shots!

Tip #5  Get a portable battery pack.  You don’t want to be without a charge, especially at the end of the night when this is happening:

[a lifestyle photographer]


Tip #6  Go ahead and take some selfies-even if your zit seems to have taken up permanent residence on your face and you have Disney park hair:)  Sometimes it’s the only time we moms are in the picture.  It’s not vain.  You want your children to have pictures of you with them when they were kids.

[a lifestyle photographer]

All my pictures were taken with my iPhone with the exception of the group shots that I’m in.  Those are from Disney MemoryMaker.  I will be the first to agree that DSLR’s take the best pictures, especially when you know how to take control of the manual settings, but it isn’t always the best solution for me as a mom.  I wanted to capture this trip’s memories with ease with creative freedom not as a photographer, but as a mom.  Here are some of my favorites edited with a combination of iPhone apps and Lightroom.

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