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This time of year is CRAZY busy for us lifestyle photogs. We have orders to fill, digital files to deliver, sessions to cram, all the while trying to juggle all our other roles as well. This is an especially crazy time for me as I also have my hubby and I’s anniversary, my father’s bady, my hubby’s 40th (WOW-40th!!!), Carson’s bday, and AJ’s bday all within weeks of each other, what else…oh Thanksgiving and Christmas:) So it gets a little crazy around the Green household in the month of December. But I’m learning to slow down, well trying to learn to slow down. I want to take time to toss the football with my AJ, snuggle with my Carsie, listen to Ryan’s latest story he’s created, and appreciate all that I’ve so abundantly blessed with. And with all my deadlines that I’ve given myself and preparations that need to made- I want to break from all that and concentrate on one of my biggest blessings in life: my husband.

I love to blog about clients, recent sessions, news on the business front, but I also want this to be a place where I get to share a bit about the person behind the camera. I truly believe that small business owners ought to share a bit about our lives with you because in part when you invest in a photographer, you’re more or less investing in them, not necessarily their work. And the biggest part of me is my family. I wouldn’t be doing what I do or still be around without the love, support, and encouragement I get from my family, specifically my husband. Anyone who has taken a risk and chased after a dream can relate with what I’m saying (or attempting to say;) And without the strength that God daily gives me and the verbal affirmation I get from my man, I would’ve tossed the towel in long ago. So to my encourager and best friend, THANK YOU!!! And happy 40th, birthday, baby, and to at least 40 more. I love you.

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