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I am so overdue for a blog!  It seems like it was just October!  November was busy with a trip to Nebraska to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday-yes I’ll post a few pics “someday”:)  Then I blinked and December was gone and while I thought I had posted our Christmas video I hadn’t.  So if you wish to see it you can click here.  I also have my first trip planned to Tennessee on Friday so I’m not sure when the blog will be caught up… I do plan to post the best of 2011 and while in my type A personality it should come before this blog post, it just can’t. Some things are more important than chronological order:)

The end 0f 2011 came with an unexpected trip to Nebraska.  It started Friday around 10:00am with a phone call from my beloved cousin, Christy.  She is truly one of my favorite people in the world and since our mom’s are twins and we are only a month apart we were brought up more like sisters than cousins.  My earliest memories include Christy and she doubtlessly has had one of the biggest parts in molding the person I am today.  All that to say that I love her dearly!  So when she called me around 10:00am on Friday to tell me she was in labor with a baby that we have been praying for for over two years! you could say I was a little excited:)

Backup a few years…Christy and her husband, Trent, have a beautiful little girl-Maya.  Who, by the way, was one of my very first models ever:

Maya is now 4 and sometime when she was around 2 they found out they were expecting.  Sadly, they lost this baby and another that was to come after.  After loosing these precious babies, they were unable to conceive and struggled with fertility for the next year.  So you see we have prayed and prayed for little baby Megan.  And as God had promised them 9 months ago…she arrived on December 30th.  Miracles do happen and I was blessed to meet one just a few days ago.  Meet baby Megan:

Finally a big sister!

Welcome, baby Megan, we are so happy that you have finally arrived!

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