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It’s Me on Mondays!  I thought I’d write a post to tell you a little (more) about myself.  So the me you see on the website has me in my glasses which is usually the me that I am.  People are usually surprised to see me without my glasses and because (I think) I look so different without them, I thought I’d post a few selfies of me without my glasses which is likely the me you’ll meet.  I really prefer my glasses, but not when I shoot- the lenses get all smudgy and we just can’t have that.  So here’s me without my glasses:

Photo Oct 31, 1 16 30 PM

Wow, I have such a slim selection of pictures of me without my glasses. This picture is silly, but again, it’s me without my glasses:

Photo Oct 14, 1 42 40 PM

This is hubby and me from this past weekend.  Yes, we heart coffee:)

Photo Oct 25, 8 29 47 AM

And likely my hair will be up like this:

Photo Sep 28, 11 30 48 AM

And it’s quite possible that I could be wearing something like this:

Photo Sep 23, 2 27 36 PM

I mostly like to send pictures like this to my sisters because they usually make some comment that makes me laugh.  Those comic leggings were hard to pass up;)

Photo Sep 23, 2 58 44 PM

True story: a couple of friends bought me a pair of 80’s leggings to wear to WPPI.   I chose to wear them to Easter brunch as a joke, but I had my sisters believing that it was something I’d really wear for the better part of the morning:)  That being said, the more I look at that picture, the more I wish I’d bought those leggings:)

That’s Me on Monday:)

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