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So lately I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster (what’s new I hear my husband saying- ha!).  It is really starting to sink in that my baby is turning FIVE next month.  I canNOT believe this!  I truly can’t.  I keep counting down in my head to calm myself down, “It’s okay, Kaela, you still have nine months with him.”  I just know that him starting Kinder is going to be a hard, hard day.  If you see me bawling my eyes out between now and then, just give me a hug or buy me a coffee.  We all know how coffee makes everything better:)  I am trying to enjoy every day I have with him.

But it’s hard!  We moms know that a million distractions, sometimes priorities, but mostly distractions pull our attention away from a mother.  I really do enjoy the convenience of technology and social networking, but sometimes I truly wish I could just walk away from it.  Unplug from that feeling of needing to know what’s going on with everyone and just plug into my boys.  I’m curious to know how other small business owners balance their time.  How do we run a business, but unplug when we need to?  (I’m really asking.  Leave your words of wisdom in the comments).

Anyway…I follow a collaborative blog of lifestyle photographers called Let Them Be Little and ran across their latest project borrowed from an editorial photographer, Brittany Putnamthe 90 second challenge.  If ever a blog made me want to go for kiddo number four- it would be this one!  I stinkin’ love this blog!  There is such good stuff on there.  It was just so perfect that I ran across that post today given how I’ve been feeling about my youngest turning five.  We gave it a try and it was so much fun!  I plan on doing this with the older two when they get home from school.  Even though they are nine and almost eight, they need to be little too.  Kids are growing up too fast these days.  Let them be little.  I don’t want them to stay little, I do look forward to watching them turn into young men, but for now let them be little.

[a lifestyle photographer]

[a lifestyle photographer]

[a lifestyle photographer]

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