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I have the privilege of being chosen to participate in a workshop with Kirsten Lewis. She is an ah-mazing documentary photographer that has written a book called Finding Your Own Voice, A Journey of Personal and Photographic Discovery.  To say that I was excited was is an incredible understatement.

I first heard of Kirsten when she was featured in Rangefinder- loved her then.  I later saw her class on CreativeLIVE, Family Photography: Modern Storytelling.  I found myself yelling at my iPad, much like my husband does when he’s watching the Broncos.  I couldn’t believe what she was saying.  Feelings I’ve had for so long and I’m just now having the courage to say- her photographic style to her views on sales.  It was like watching the photographer that I’ve wanted to be, but have been too afraid of the “theys” of the industry.  Well not anymore.

I’m still at the beginning of my “Finding Your Own Voice” journey, but it has already been so encouraging to me as a person and photographer. I read this today and had to share because it has been on my mind for awhile and they way she worded it is just beautiful and pretty perfect:

“So I made a decision, then and there, to photograph for me and ultimately my clients and no one else. Not for competitions, ego or recognition from other photographers.”
-Kirsten Lewis

I don’t know if there are other photographers or artists out there, but from the beginning when I was learning, I just needed to hear from other photographers that I respected that I was good, or I was…fill in the blank with whatever type of recognition that I felt I needed or even sought out.  I am so glad to be breaking free of that mindset.  How exhausting that has been to try to shoot like someone else or for ego-bleh, I’m over it.  I am making a promise to myself to shoot for me and shoot for my clients, the way God’s gifted me to.  No more wannabe (fill in the blank name photog- it changes from day to day). Because ultimately it’s not about me, but about telling the story of whoever is in the front of my lens.  Here’s to you, your story, documenting your history.  It’s gonna be great.

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