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That’s quite a title, huh?

My mom and dad came for a visit recently and we decided to take Ryan out of school (shh, don’t tell the authorities that we value family time).  We wanted to go on an outdoor adventure and chose the windiest day all year to do it.  So even though the car said 50ish degrees it felt much colder.  Our adventure took place in Golden, CO.  My mom and I are big fans of historic towns and I’ve driven by Golden a few times, but never explored it on foot.  It is beautiful and I must say it had a gorgeous tattoo parlor: Faith Tattoo Gallery.  I’ve got to say that I’d set up a studio right inside, this place was gorgeous.  For those of you that are wondering, I’m not planning on getting a tattoo, but I did recently pierce my nose and as a newbie to the whole nose-pierced world I had some questions.  Unfortunately they don’t do piercings, but the man was super friendly, had two cute chihuahuas (as cute as chihuahuas can be anyway), and like I previously mentioned a beautiful tattoo gallery.  So aside from the great second-hand shops-for which I will have to return, because 3 boys in tow does NOT make for a pleasant shopping experience, our adventure ended shortly because of this crazy cold wind.

On our way home (actually we were on our way to McDonald’s because after all we promised the boys an adventure, and let’s face it sometimes eating off Ronald’s menu can be an adventure) we saw a sign to the Colorado Railroad Museum.  One thing you should know about me is that I am NOT a museum kind of gal.  I can handle the occasional museum from time to time, but given the limited time we have on this earth, it’s not a place I choose to frequent.  But it did say “railroad” and my dad and my boys are huge train fans.  My parents did the usual should we go, should we not go, but a decision needed to be made so I may  have crossed over two lanes a little more quickly than needed to make the exit and we arrived.  It was AWESOME!  There were trains everywhere and many you could go into and explore.  The boys, my dad included, were wild with excitement.  And because I can’t compartmentalize I got to thinkin’, “This place would be awesome for a photoshoot!”  I thought I’d share some pictures that I took to give you an idea of how cool this place is.  These were taken with my point and shoot and like my Disney pictures, I think it does pretty good:)

He was like a kid in a candy shop.

So I’ve been thinking of doing a mini-session Saturday out in Golden at the Colorado Train Museum.  I’m still thinking on some things and would like your input.  The session would include 5×7’s or 8×10’s, mini-accordion album or 5×5 album, DVD slideshow… what do you think?  I’d love your input.  If you’re interested in a mini-session at the Train Museum, shoot me an email or give me a call 720.263.6083.  Also, I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment!


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  • Amber - 10:59 pm

    sounds like an awesome idea! I LOVE Golden (we lived there for a couple of years while my husband finished school at Mines)…definitely lots of hot spots for photos!!ReplyCancel

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